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A beautiful dungeon crawler in first person


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Dungeon Monsters RPG is a dungeon crawler in which you control a group of monsters and adventurers, and travel through dozens of different dungeons that are plagued with creatures and threats of all kinds.

The best thing about Dungeon Monsters RPG is that it combines some elements of traditional dungeon crawlers from the nineties, with other elements from more modern smartphone games. For instance, you can move your characters by turn, although they develop and grow in a pretty interesting and new way.

In Dungeon Monsters RPG there are more than 500 different creatures available. You can collect all the monsters you find, combine them, level them up, and make them evolve. You can create your very own and customized team of creatures, just like in Pokemon.

Dungeon Monsters RPG is a spectacular game that combines traditional RPG elements with more modern features. The graphics are beautiful, and push you to always discover new dungeons.
By Laura Del Pino
Dungeon Monsters revives classic grid-based 1st person RPG

What we know as first-person, grid-based dungeon crawlers are a thing of the past. Those old-school RPGs where you had to jot down in a notebook the layout of labyrinthine dungeons have gone almost entirely out of fashion save a few honorable exceptions such a Legend of Grimrock. Dungeon Monsters is a free-to-play game for Android the brings back that game system but gives the concept a facelift to make it much more dynamic. The result, against all odds, is great fun.
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Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher